Image of Adult Affirmation Kit

Adult Affirmation Kit

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Adults Affirmation Kits are a fantastic way to start a self care and self awareness habit in the New Year.

Affirmation Kits for Adults are designed to be used daily to create new habits, new behaviours and to supercharge your goals.

A simple, easy to use tool that you can use throughout the day to stay focused and powerful in the present moment

Pick an affirmation that mirrors a behaviour you would like to embody or establish and then to the work while charting your progress on your happiness chart. Even if it feels untrue, with the power of positive intent together with small, consistent actions repeating your affirmations, you will find they become true before you even realise.

Each kit includes instructions on how to use, 3 week new habit chart* 12 sets of themed affirmations and a set of counting beads for you to use in a way that supports and empowers you

Categories are:
Being Positive
The World
Mind Body

PLEASE NOTE - beads will be allocated to you as we only have 13 kits left.
Beads are threaded onto cotton thong which makes them suitable for vegans. Bead are either acrylic or wooden.

Image of Adult Affirmation Kit Image of Adult Affirmation Kit
Image of Kids Affirmation Kit Image of Kids Affirmation Kit
Kids Affirmation Kit
£12.50 — On sale
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