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Image of PAY WHAT YOU CAN - Distance Reiki - 1 hour £30

PAY WHAT YOU CAN - Distance Reiki - 1 hour £30

£2.00 - £10.00 - On sale

Reiki is a beautiful way to start your therapy journey if you have not tried therapies before. If you have then Reiki can be a wonderful addition to your well being routine. Reiki literally means ‘Rei – Universal and Ki – Energy’ so that when you receive a treatment you are connected to the very core of you, as well as all that our beautiful Mother Earth and Universe has to offer.

This treatment is carried out by me at my own venue and you at home. You will be given an appointment time and asked to sit or lie calmly and allow yourself to receive the beautiful energy and healing being sent to you. This will allow you to truly relax and focus on the sense of peace, harmony and well being that comes with a Reiki treatment.

Reiki sessions will be offered as a 1 hour session and are usually charged at £35 but during this current situation I will be offering these sessions at just £30

Select an amount below that you can afford and the maximum I am charging on this is £10 - hope it helps x

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