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Online Coaching/Guidance Sessions


At this time of uncertainty we are being given a chance to take the time we often do not have and look at the areas in our lives that are no longer serving us, need attention or that you want to develop.

These sessions are as unique as you are and can make use of emotional, energy and talk therapies. Your first session will be preceded by a questionnaire that will be emailed to you so that I can get an idea of where you are and what you might like to achieve. If you are not sure then we can work on that in our first session as I support and guide you to help discover what direction we will take.

Each therapy is offered in conjunction with ongoing email support and we may use a mix of therapies throughout out time working together to make sure we are approaching any blocks, problems, fears, phobias, memories or hurts from the right place. The therapies that I might include are Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Tapping, Access Consciousness, ZPoint, Meditation, Distance Reiki & Affirmations. In this way we can make sure that we are always working together in the most powerful yet gentle way. I write all my own Hypnosis scripts, guided meditations and Coaching so that you, your energy and your need are truly met.

To ensure you are comfortable and grounded from each session we will work for as long as is needed, but as a guide please allow 2 hours minimum for your sessions. . Follow on sessions and home/self work will be advised at the end of your first session.

Each session starts from £75 and you will be advised of additional charges before proceeding, please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to before commencing treatment.

Once booked an email will be sent with questionnaire and online appointment. Sessions will be carried out via Skype or Zoom

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