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Image of Online Tapping for Anxiety, Panic and Fear - 45 mins

Online Tapping for Anxiety, Panic and Fear - 45 mins


A 45 minute session of Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) that will target any feelings of Anxiety, Panic or Fear you may be feeling at this time.

Tapping helps to clear the emotional charge from any situation, belief or behaviour and can leave us feeling much calmer, powerful and in control of things.

Using the energies of the Meridian System of energy flow, Tapping allows me to work with clients on all manner of things, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By identifying a starting point we will tap together, saying affirmations and anti affirmations, accessing the deep seated core of a problem, fear, phobia, belief, memory or feeling and allow for it to heal. This is a really great therapy for those clients who want to clear past hurts without having to revisit or relive them. We use the wisdom of the body and mind to allow for change, release and letting go to occur - which leads to healing and clearance.

This session would be carried out online via either Skype or Zoom and arranged after booking has been made

These 45 minute session are being offer at just £30

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